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ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs offers meaningful and exciting group volunteer programs for high schools, colleges and university students, families, friends, youth groups, members of a club and employees from a particular company, or any other type of group who would like to spend time together at a volunteer activity in Ecuador, South America.

If you are part of a group looking to volunteer and make a real difference, our group volunteer programs give you the opportunity to contribute to sustainable development with a focus on environmental conservation and social community development while at the same time allow volunteers to explore the wonders of this magical country in South America. Our group volunteer programs combine meaningful community social work, social service with exciting excursions and cultural activities.

We're proud to offer unique and enriching volunteer experiences that are driven first and foremost by the needs of the local communities. This is a rewarding experience as our group volunteer programs are custom tailored to meet both the group's interests (humanitarian and educational fulfillment) and the needs of the projects. This way we ensure that all parties involved will gain a positive overall experience.

Our group volunteer programs offer complete flexibility and you can choose when to go and how long to go for. They are designed to be safe, affordable and offer a great experience to the volunteers.

Everything is more fun in a group so do not wait until the last minute to try to volunteer in a group! Group volunteering is an excellent opportunity for team building, skills training and networking.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will find the perfect group volunteer program for you. Our group trips begin with and email from a group member representing the group and usually take a very short time of discussions, planning and exchange of thoughts and we will get you started.

If you are interested, please write to us at:  programs@elep.org

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