Internships in South America, Ecuador

ELEP, Internships in South America, Ecuador

Our international internship and training programs in Ecuador, South America help students and young professionals from all over the world advance their careers by interning or training abroad and gaining international experience.

Benefits of doing Internship with ELEP

Benefits of doing Internship with ELEP

  • To get an internship according to your requirement and profile.
  • To experience the real world working environment in your area of interest.
  • To gain experience by applying your knowledge and skills in work related situations.
  • Opportunity to work on professionalism, communication, teamwork and initiative.
  • To gain the practical real work experience that employers like to see on a resume.
  • To expand your knowledge and skills.
  • Opportunity to invest your time and talent in your future career.
  • To learn Spanish or improve your Spanish skills in a great and practical way.
  • To make and secure professional job reference.
  • To receive a certificate at the completion of your internship for your CV.
  • To make personal and professional contacts .


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